Aggregate Intellect is on a mission to unlock the world’s technical knowledge 🔥 

Our community groups do that at a localized level by doing the kind of projects that get featured on Forbes, lead to startups, or are sponsored by Governments. (Free to join!)

Success Stories 💥

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🛰️ Remote Sensing with Sentinel-2 Satellite Images | Sponsored by the Government of Canada (NRCan)
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What our Community Member say about us 🗣️

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Some of our Partnerships 🎈

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Process overview 👓

  • Our community projects are typically 1 - 3 month experiences.
  • Guided by 1 or 2 Leads / Advisors who have an experience advantage.
  • In these, community members work on solving a problem or learning something new.
  • Expect to learn, as well as teach! These are largely hands-on peer learning experiences.
  • Usually, they’re done for the learning!
  • Other times, we have $1000s of dollars of prizes for finished projects by a sponsor.

Why join 🤷

  • The Network - Geographic + Industry + Stage of life ... the diversity here is nuts!
  • The Growth - Growth happens here by solving problems with peers. It’s not classroom style!
  • The Energy - We don’t care about member backgrounds. We’ve set up an infrastructure to enable anyone with sufficient energy to thrive. That culture attracts quite the energy!


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Hi, I’m Ammar. The Community Architect here!
Interested in talking to anyone who wants to be a part of / can help this community be better! Reach me at And feel free to book a time with me here.