ML in Blockchain / on-chain credit scoring

ML in Blockchain / on-chain credit scoring

Our group is solving the problem of unequal access to credit. Our North Star is an on-chain self-governed reputation scoring mechanism.
We’re looking for an Analytics Team Lead with prior experience in Data Science, ML Engineering; credit scoring & credit analysis. However, no expertise in blockchain dev is necessary.

What we offer

  • Learn the blockchain tech and dive deeper into mechanisms of lending and borrowing smart contracts -, Brownie
  • Acquire skill in accessing and downloading blockchain lending data from Aave and Compound smart contracts - Graph CLI, geth/erigon
  • Build scalable data engineering pipeline (python stack, Spark)
  • See how to apply your machine learning skills to improve the capital efficiency of on-chain lending/borrowing transactions (LightGBM, SHAP, time-series + CNN, causal modeling)


  • In the next 8 weeks, we’re aiming to build a tool that analyzes the history of blockchain user transactions and suggests optimal collateral lower than the market, keeping the same amount of risks.

Core Team

notion image
Pasha Datsiuk | Group Lead Revenue Ops at Purefacts
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Daniel Kur | Data Team Lead Applied Research Scientist at ServiceNow
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Edward Johnson | Core Team Founder at Ikinique

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Solito Reyes III | Core Team Data Scientist at Vegito
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Chris Li | Core Team Technology Analyst
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Shubhanker Banerjee | Core Team Researcher at Adapt Center




Our wg is divided into multiple teams, thus most of work is done in parallel
Major Milestones
Expected time to finish
2 weeks
Data preparation
2 weeks
Get to a baseline model
3 weeks

Our Published Work


Why join?

  • Experience 0 to 1 from within a startup
  • Learn about the forefront blockchain tech
  • See how your ml/blockchain skills can be applied in one of the most fast-growing areas
[Recruitment on hold. But you can join the group’s public Slack channel here for future opportunities.]