Find below our community Advisors & what kinds of work they’re open to advising.

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~ Amir Feizpour
Search, AI Product Development
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~ Nigel Newton
Applied AI, Computer vision, AR, Emerging tech
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~ Ali El Sharif
Responsible use of AI
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~ Ozan Ozyegen
Explainable AI, Time Series
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~ Alireza Koochali
Probabilistic Forecasting
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~ Andre Erler
Environmental Data Science
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~ Denys Linkov
ML Ops, Data Eng, Cloud Engineering, NLP and Voice
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~ Karim Khayrat
GNN, Physics, Time series
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~ Willie Costello
Ethical and societal impacts of AI & ML
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~ Suhas Pai
NLP, Search, Security, Privacy
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~ Kris Kaczmarek
Quantum computing, Policy, AI and VR
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~ Sharvari Dhote
Responsible use of AI, AI Policy, Bias
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~ Maryam Farooq
Women in AI Activities