Multimodal Single-Cell Integration

Multimodal Single-Cell Integration

Congratulations on being accepted as an Aggregate Intellect lead 🤗. In the next couple minutes, you’ll learn the absolute minimal activities needed to get your group going.
Once done, our community team will make it live on our community website.
If you’ve never used Notion (this software) before, you can quickly pick it up using this 8m tutorial. It’s an ultra simple software, and will be a key part of your group management.
We strongly advise you download for your desktop as well if you already haven’t. It’ll make coming back this page easier in the future. Alternatively, ‘bookmark’ this page right now if you want to continue using through a web browser (these things get lost more often than you might think!).


The quick video below takes you through what you need to set up your landing page. There might be some changes in the template since we’ve improved this over time, in which case nearby comments will make obvious what you need to do.
🧬Working Group on MultiModal Cell Integrations


Preparation before session #1
Onboarding [Before Session #1]


Preparing for sessions
🪂Pro Tips