Pro Tips

Pro Tips

In any Community Group, we’ve found the first 3 weeks are the most critical. The goal in these is clear - skim out the folks who’ll really deliver [usually 2-10 / group], and get them minimally onboared.
Session #1
  1. Do an introduction by nomination.
    1. Eg. Hi, my name’s Ammar … calling in from Toronto! I’m Head of Community here at Agg Intellect. I have a combo background in Data Science & Community Management. I’m interested in this group cause of … . So excited to be a part of this, and I’ll nominate ‘Leah’ to go next.
    2. Then Leah does the same, nominates someone else … so on.
    3. If get stuck, the lead can just nominate someone.
    4. The goal of this is to get a feel of folks backgrounds & motivations. Most leads are often surprised by the kind of people attracted!
  1. Go over your landing page, unpack for everyone & ensure:
    1. Everyone has it bookmarked.
    2. Everyone is on the Slack channel [if can’t join, tell them to email]
    3. Everyone knows that end of session #2 ‘Core Team / Competition Applications’ begin & those admitted in will be announced session #3. [ie. So they show energy early!]
  1. Skim your solution architecture & starting Recipes
    1. Tell folks to cover as much as they can by session #2.
    2. Ask any questions on Slack.
    3. Here, encourage progress towards a base model vs understanding everything immediately. Quick wins matter a lot for motivation!
  1. Just have some time for general Q/A.
Session #2
  1. Start off by asking by nomination about progress:
    1. The folks who’ve made more progress are the ones you probably want to prioritize for the Core Team / Competition.
    2. By nomination meaning:
      1. Ok folks, let’s go around & discuss progress & bottleneck. Umm .. ‘Jiri’, want to go first?
      2. … Jiri updates … can turn into a conversation
      3. … Once feel like talked enough … ok Jiri, wanna nominate someone else …
  1. Close session by announcing Core Team / Competition Applications.
    1. The application form should be on your landing page.
      1. notion image
    2. We recommend giving folks until 1-day before session #3 to apply.
    3. And that you mention you’ll announce by end of session #3 based on application + energy shown in first 3 sessions [PS. Encourage folks to prepare well for that session]
Session #3
  1. Have a general progress update … who learnt what. [Possibly by nomination again]
  1. Around this point, the group should be turning into more a conversation. From here, we’ve found its best to let leads just feel their way.
  1. By the end of the session, based on performance & application details … pick your Core Team / Competition entrants.
Session #4+
  1. Feel you way from here.
  1. The once useful rule of thumb is to regularly ask everyone about their wins & failures each week.
Enjoy ^_^
Before Final Session:
  1. Coordinate with ‘Ammar Khan’ on the AISC Slack to mention you’re concluding so he can properly prepare some due spotlighting.