Session #2 - Project Background

Provided an overview of the previous working group goal as well as the NRCAN and Sentinel-2 datasets we will be using. The recording of the presentation for the session can be downloaded here.


Session 2 is a more detailed introduction of what the project was originally, what it will look like, and how we will be using the datasets (at least initially). The intention is to show where we’re going to guide learning/focus as you tackle remote sensing basics over the next week. We also briefly recap the outcome of the previous working group, which you can find more details on at this landing page.
Tasks for next session:
  1. Make sure you’re comfortable mounting you’re drive in google colab
  1. Complete Interpreting Satellite Images
    1. Play around with the EO browser
    2. Begin Downloading & Aligning Sentinel-Hub data
      1. Note: To actually download the data yourself will need to begin a 30-day trial, we recommend waiting until next week unless you’d really like to get ahead.