Session #1 - Logistics & Expectations Urban Classification

Session #1 - Logistics & Expectations Urban Classification

Apr 21, 2022 10:21 PM

Overall Logistics

  1. Bookmark the Working Group’s landing page. All key info centralized there.
  1. Join our Working Group’s Slack channel by:
    1. Joining the AISC Slack
    2. Go to ‘channels’ → ‘add channels’ → join ‘wg-on-urban-forestry’.
    3. Main source of announcements & collaboration.
    4. If having trouble joining, drop ‘’ an email. He’ll add!
  1. [ENTIRELY OPT] Virtual environment - Google Colab.
    1. Google Colab is essentially a Google Cloud hosted Juypter notebook.
    2. Synchronizes everyone’s environments for easier collaborative bug fixing.
    3. Gives free GPU access.
    4. 🔥Google Colab - How to use it

Working Group Journey

Session #1:
  • Get to know each group. [Introduction by nomination!]
  • We will introduce the problem - why it matters, what prompted you to be a part of this work session.
  • Share Recipes of this project.
Session #2:
  • Discuss previously shared Recipes.
  • Address confusions.
Session #3:
  • Anyone interested in applying to the Core Team must present a Recipe sharing pre-research that shows how they would ‘approach’ the problem. Doesn’t have to be comprehensive, just enough to show how you’d think about it.
  • If shy to present, can just send in the Recipe. Talking about it during the session is optional.
  • Within 3 days of the session, we’ll send an invitation to everyone who made the Core Team.
Session #4+ [1-2 months]:
  • Regardless of if you made the Core Team, you’re welcome to attend & spectate.
  • Core Team will work towards the project problem.
  • Will be appropriately recognized at the conclusion of the project! [For your portfolio / blog / Social Media]
  • Everyone will fill out a silent survey at the end to help determine how the $2500 in gifts should be fairly distributed in the Core Team.