Session #1 - Logistics

Apr 6, 2022 05:42 PM

Overall Logistics

  1. Bookmark the Working Group’s landing page. All key info centralized there.
  1. Join our Working Group’s Slack channel by:
    1. Joining the AISC Slack
    2. Go to ‘channels’ → ‘add channels’ → join ‘wg-ml-in-freshwater-management’.
    3. Main source of announcements & collaboration.
  1. Recommended virtual environment - Google Colab.
    1. Google Colab is essentially a Google Cloud hosted Juypter notebook.
    2. Synchronizes everyone’s environments for easier collaborative bug fixing.
    3. Gives free GPU access.
    4. 🔥Google Colab - How to use it
  1. Weekly meetings
    1. Meetings weekly at 6 pm, Wednesday
    2. Meeting joining link: https://meet.jit.si/Zhaoqin-MLforwaterlevel-group
    3. If miss a meeting, check under ‘Our Journey’ on landing page + Slack to keep up.
  1. Gift distribution
    1. The first 3 people / groups crossing the minimal goal will be given a CAD$500 gift.
    2. All those reaching after will have $1000 equally divided amongst them.
    3. For the $500 gift - it will be equally divided among teammates.
    4. The lead may adapt division of gifts based on how the group progresses.


From Leads
  1. Guide overall project direction.
  1. Host a Q/A in the weekly meets.
  1. May NOT know everything.
  1. But will help source expertise from self / group / community to deal with project bottlenecks. (as people or Recipes)
  1. Can reach on the AISC Slack. (Joining details mentioned above)
From Participants
  1. Reach minimal goal by the end of 8-10 weeks.
  1. Can do so alone or in teams - form them on your own.
    1. We’ve seen 3 works best - but you can have as large or small a team you like]
  1. You can form teams now or during the middle of the project.
  1. Camera mostly on during weekly meetings
  1. In the spirit of open source, you are encouraged & expected to share the resources you’re using to solve the project problems with the rest of the teams (as Recipes). Additional gifts for that. More details on that soon.