Session #1 - Introductions and overview

Slides from the session available here. Key information from the session is as follows:
  1. Bookmark the Working Group’s landing page. All info centralized there.
  1. Join our Working Group’s Slack channel by:
    1. Joining the AISC Slack
    2. Go to ‘channels’ → ‘add channels’ → join ‘wg-land-cover-classification’.
    3. Main source of announcements & collaboration.
  1. Recommended virtual environment - get comfortable with Google Colab.
    1. Google Colab is essentially a Google Cloud hosted Juypter notebook.
    2. Synchronizes everyone’s environments for easier collaborative bug fixing.
    3. Gives free GPU access.
  1. Weekly meetings
    1. Meetings weekly at time: Mondays @ 7-8 PM EST
    2. Meeting joining link: https://meet.jit.si/
    3. If miss a meeting, check under ‘Our Journey’ on landing page + Slack to keep up.