Mineral Prospectivity | Sponsored by NRCan (The Digital Accelerator)

Mineral Prospectivity | Sponsored by NRCan (The Digital Accelerator)

When happened: April 2022
This competition is meant to help effectively narrow down the search space for the exploration of critical metals across Canada, the United States, and Australia.
Made possible by the Digital Accelerator at NRCan.


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~ Mohammad Parsa | Technical Advisor Post Doc Fellow in AI Guided Mineral Exploration
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~ Christopher Lawley | Domain Advisor Gold Metallogenist at Geological Survey of Canada

Minimal Goals + Prize Distribution

Minimal Goal:
  • Predictive models with AUC values > 0.9 meet the minimal goal.
  • The higher the AUC values, the more robust the predictive models.
  • Don’t worry if you have no clue what’s an ‘AUC value’ - Advisors will provide resources.
Prize Distribution:
  1. $1800 best performing model submissions
  1. $1200 most innovative data processing submission
  1. $1000 distributed among all other teams that reach the minimal goal (ie AUC > 0.9)


For Best Performing Model Submission
For Most Innovative Data Processing Submission
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~ Mojtaba Bavand, Post Doctoral Researcher, one of our Winners

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