Become a Community Reviewer

Become a Community Reviewer

A good, sympathetic review is always a wonderful surprise.
~ Joyce Carol Oates

Why are we starting this?

We have a community we’re pretty proud of ...
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And those creating Recipes (think resouce curations) are the stars of these folks. The problem though with these folks is that they forget what it was like ‘not to know’. So when they curate knowledge for others, they assume knowledge that a newcomer might not have.
That’s why, we’re giving our generous community knowledge curators (think Recipe builders) the option to request a review of their knowledge by a trusted ‘real person’. This volunteer reviewer will try to implement or reach the ‘self proclaimed goal’ of the Recipe.

Why apply to be a reviewer?

The folks who curate Recipes are either fairly experienced or up & coming stars in their fields. And when someone volunteers to review their work, the curators in turn volunteer to give individual attention to help clear the confusions the reviewer has.
  1. You get intimate support in learning something cool 🔥
  1. A chance to authentically network with exciting folks ‼️
  1. And help improve the community for other folks like yourself ❤️

Time Commitment?

As Recipe review opportunities come up, they will be shared in the private coordination space for Community Reviewers. So you can choose to review as little as none (say if you’re on vacation) or up to 100 a month if you’re really feeling it.
To be clear, we will expect you to implement - by coding or equivalent - the expressed Recipe objective to see if it’s independently achievable. This isn’t just a skim review.
So in practice, you can expect to spend 1hr - 5hrs reviewing each Recipe you volunteer for.
A shoutout to the ‘Founding Community Reviewers’ … the first batch!

Apply to join folks like these 🔥
… more soon.
For any questions, contact us at: